Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ted's Birthday 2011

This is one day late, as we wanted to give people more time to participate. It was short notice, but wishing Ted a late birthday is better than wishing him no birthday at all!

Hey Ted! It's that geeky kid again—yup, it's Reuben! If circumstances were different, we'd have gotten this together yesterday, when it was your actual birthday. But just as with Dekker Pride Day, it seems to have taken us a day longer than it should have. So what we have done is we've gotten together many, many Dekker fans and we've each written you a short message of appreciation. If you have the time, Ted, please read.

Reuben Horst
Fellow Blue Monkey and Dekkie

Note: If something is bolded, that means it's my own note.

Happy birthday! This world is so blessed to have you in it. You have done so much. You have changed many people's lives, showing them the light when there seemed like there wasn't any, showing them how much they are loved by the Creator and how we should love each other. I know that I am one of those people.
There is really no way to tell you how much I appreciate you! Keep doing what you are doing; God has given you your talent for telling Story the way that it is meant to be told. I am sure that there is so much more for you to share and I eagerly await for all the journeys you will take us on these coming years that will change my life even more than you already have!

Elyon's Strength to you, my friend!

-Evan Walter Scott Morgan
Happy Birthday! I pray you have a wonderful Monday birthday (they've always been hard for me, so I can understand if it doesn't end up being your favorite :P )!
Keep diving deep!

-Erica Mae Henning
Happy birthday! I hope that it is filled with a flood of joy and celebration! I am incredibly thankful that God made creative people like you who remind us of His amazing love and grace through stories. Over this next year of life, I pray that Elyon’s love and strength become even more evident to you.
Dive deep!

-Arielle Bacon
Happy birthday to the author who has inspired me and helped shape my view of God. Your passion for following the Lord is evident in all your books. Thank you for giving! Be blessed!
-Lindsay Bullard
Happy Birthday Ted!
I can't even fully describe the inspiration I've gotten from you and your books. You are a huge reason I've decided to stick with writing and make it my future career! I hope you have a totally blessed and awesome birthday, because you definitely deserve it! Celebrate like crazy!
God Bless!!

-Mickaela Casper
Happy Birthday Ted!!!
You are truly the greatest storyteller alive and I am very glad that you are alive (physically and spiritually). I hope for many more years of reading your stories. I love reading and re-reading your stories. The characters, plots, settings, and really everything about them are always great. Your latest, Forbidden, has inspired me to look at the world in new ways and has become one of my favorite books. Again, have a great day. Spend it with your family; outside of your Dungeon.

-Daniel Tipton
Happy Birthday to you, dear Ted you are blue,
you look like a monkey, and you write like one, too.
A blue monkey that is ;)
Happy birthday, Ted. Hope you have a great one. *HUGS* God bless!

-Ashley Procko (formerly Ashley Putney; she married since The Ragged Edge!)
Happy birthday Ted. Your books have meant a lot to me. You have a wonderful day and continue writing those wonderful stories. Elyon's strength.
-Michelle Morrison
Ted, you inspire me to the core.Meeting & hearing from you at The Ragged Edge was one of the most life changing experiences I've knowingly thrown myself into.You made me believe in myself as a writer for the first time.Your books have poured so much into my life.I have nearly every one of them, and each has made me cry and brought me to amazing emotions and new discoveries,I've been changed by your stories.You were the first author who truly "hooked me up" with books.Your's made me fall head over heels for this brilliant life called Story.I'm hopelessly in love now. :) Thanks for being so passionate about what you do!You're passion moved me so much in August.
I'm now 40k words through my first novel,and so much due to your inspiration.So thank you.For being raw, ragged, and full of passion for discovery.You've changed my life in so many ways.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :DHope it't the best one ever, so far!THANK YOU! :)

-Emma Sangalli
(AKA the girl who cried every time she talked to you :P)
Happy birthday, Ted! I hope your day (and the rest of your year) is fantastic! Your books have really touched my heart, and your stories mean more to me than you can know! After doing so much for all of us, you deserve a day all about you! I hope it's a great one!
-Elizabeth Buzard
Happy birthday. I loved your book forbidden and am excited for mortals next year.
-Carley Bowder
Happy Birthday, Ted! Hope you have an awesome day! Thanks for letting God use the stories you write to not only inspire me to write as well, but also to teach me so much more about God and biblical truths like God's grace and love! I'm very excited to read any and all books you write in the future! God Bless and have a blessed birthday!
-Jason Bradley
Hey Ted! Happy birthday!
I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. The words don’t seem to be enough after looking back on how much all your books AND Ragged Edge have inspired and changed me. Before RE I did know my majors in college were going to be English and Writing, but I’ve never been so confident about actually making it a reality. It’s all thanks to you for being so raw, passionate, and real. Not to mention your willingness to give so much of yourself. You are by far the best story teller of our time and I look forward to the stories that are to come! God bless!

-Emily Kunkel
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TED!I can’t tell you how much your stories mean to me.Each one I can find a character that reminds me of myself and it is good to read things from someone who follows Christ but is twisted also,for I am the exact same.When I read your magnificent stories,I feel as if I belong.I hate this reality and belong in your books.Living daily with what runs through my head and being considered the freak, it sucks but I read your stuff and see how you would be considered a freak also but in all reality you aren't.Without your writing,honestly,I can say I don’t think I would be breathing but I can’t fit it all in such a short paragraph to explain.Thanks for everything and I think God for your willingness to share!You are an inspiration for my stories,as I write to share and release some of what lies within my heart and mind. Not only are you the best writer,your heart for God is outstanding and your heart for us, your readers is sincere unlike many people.
-Tarran Gill
Happy Birthday Day Daddy!!!
-Kara Dekker
Happy Birthday to the warden of our special blue monkey tribe! You are indeed our leader, enlightener and motivator. Here is to hoping your birthday is filled with magic and wonder.
-Lesa Pascavis Smith
I really don't think I can say in words how you've impacted my heart, but I'm going to do my best. Your characters in your stories are me....the struggles they go through are mine.... Every word that you've written brings me a little closer to my loving Savior, and that is the greatest blessing of all. Your books brought me out of a dark place and showed me that my God is a God of love. At Ragged Edge, for you to give us such a raw, unedited version of your heart was the greatest gift I could imagine....I will never be the same as a writer or as a follower of Elyon. I feel things a little more keenly, love a little more deeply, and look at each person around me with more compassion. You brought the Circle together Ted, a circle of Elyon's love where we have all learned to dive deep. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND FILLED TO OVERFLOWING WITH BLESSINGS.

-Caroline Madison
Happy Birthday Ted !! Enjoy your day with your family !!
-Heather Unrau
Happy Birthday, Ted! ~ Your fellow REM. :D
-Linnette Mullin
Happy Birthday Ted. The Ragged Edge changed my life. Thank you for it. My brother accepted Jesus after reading the Circle Trilogy. Thank you for that too.
-Lahoma McMillion
Happy birthday, Ted. Thanks for all you do with writing, with being a "boss", being a friend, and for being real. My family and I are blessed to know you.
-Gregg Hart
Happy birthday, Ted! Thank you for continually writing from your heart, not caring what others might think or say. Your stories have greatly changed my outlook on life. I'm very proud to call you my favorite author!
-Victoria Walcott
Happy birthday Warden :). I wish the Chief Blue Monkey a day filled with all the things you love best (and no boring shtuff)!
-Kelsey Keating
Happy Birthday Warden.
-Kimberly Robertson
Ted, Wishing the most amazing Birthday ever! Your Circle Series changed how I view my relationship with God, I truly want to dive deep and drown for Him! It meant so much to me, that I read the whole circle series plus all the Lost Books, Aloud to my whole family, ages 3-38, every night before bed until we read them all, and they changed their hearts also. Then when we were able to attend The Ragged Edge, you blew us all away! It meant so much learning from you and being able to relate, and see that it is awesome to be a blue monkey in a brown monkey world! That all meant so much but the generosity that you showed my daughters and the genuine (sp?) love of Christ that you showed to us meant the most of all. To see in action that the love of Elyon is real in your heart and your realationship is real, made the biggest impact on our hearts. Thank you Ted and have a most excellent Birthday! We love you!
-Krystal Travis
Happy Birthday, Ted. Thank you for pouring your heart into your stories and allowing your readers to enjoy the fruits of your labors.
-Lynnell Koehler
When it comes to life changing events, it seems that they've mostly happened to me when I've picked up your books. You've spoken to me in ways that you don't know and you've helped me along my journey. May your journey take you far, and may your words reach many more. Happy Birthday!
-Nicholas Paquet
Thanks for being born and thank you for taking your life to places that most don't ever venture and thanks for bringing us with you to those places. Happy birthday, Ted.
-Sara Rassler
Happy Birthday Ted! I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family. I hope it will be filled with many blessing and tons of laughter! And thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love you! :D
-Audrey Olsheske
Happy Birthday Ted, I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration, as blue as you want it to be! Best wishes for health, joy and satisfaction in your years to come.
-Rob Holliday
Many birthday blessings to you, Ted! Thanks for letting your light shine in the darkness.
-Natalie Pierson
Happy birthday, Ted! You have inspired me and shown me things I may have never realized if I hadn't read your work! You are such a blessing to this world! I look forward to taking the journeys you have planned for us in the future!
-Evan Walter Scott Morgan (apparently forgot he'd already left a message)
Happy Birthday, Ted! You have changed my life in ways too profound for the simple words 'thank you' to ever cover, but alas, it is all I have to give..."Thank You!" When the darkness tried to consume me, when the fear paralyzed, your art of 'story' led me back to Truth: His Love and Grace. Keep doing what you do, there are still so many in pain! I stand forever in the Fight with you! Dive Deep!
-Donna McChristian
“We Christian writers must paint evil with the blackest of brushes, not to sow fear, but to call out the monsters to be scattered by our light.” ~Ted Dekker
Happy Birthday, Ted! Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for making my son a reader. One night, we caught the movie "Three" and my son loved it. At the time, he woudln't read anything but graphic novels, and hated reading. So I decided to see if this "Ted Dekker" wrote anything else. I got my son the "Lost Books," and he has been reading since. All it took was finding the right stories for him. We are both huge fans.
Very Sincerely,
Cindy Marie Hosszu
Happy birthday Ted! Thank you so much for all you do. Your books have impacted my life in a way that no other author ever has. You challenge me to look beyond my skin, beyond the skin of this world, and to find the ultimate Love and the ultimate Truth. Thank you for encouraging me and challenging me in my own writing. Thank you for the weekend of August 12-13, 2011. Those two days changed my life forever. I became a new person that weekend. I just thank God for you and your books! Thanks for leading me over the Ragged Edge! All God's blessings to you and your family this upcoming year.
In Elyon's Name,
Tyler Carrington
Happy birthday, Ted. Your books have have impacted me greatly, and I love the fact that the impact came both before and after I was really walking with God. I really do believe the last half of your life will be even better than the first, and that God will work through you in ways you cannot even imagine now.
And on a fun note, don't forget to run barefoot through the woods every so often. I hear its great for the skin! =P
-Michal Ingraham
Happy Birthday Ted! Thank you so much for all of your awesomeness you share in your books! You are my all time favorite author and I hope to meet you one day, you inspire me. God bless you and your family
From a devoted fan,

-Josh Rollins
Happy birthday, Ted! You and your writing have challenged and changed me in more ways than I can count. Most of who I am today I can trace back to December 2005 when I started with Black. Thank you for your transparency, your graciousness, and your passion for life and truth and love. It is an honour to know you.
Dive deep--then dive deeper. I'm praying you have the most wonderful birthday God could imagine.
Cali/Caitlyn Lutz
Happy Birthday Ted! :D I hope that you have a fantastic birthday and even better year! Thank you for allowing God to use you in the way that he is. Thanks for following that urge to write a novel again and again. Through your life, God has really impacted so many of your fans. We've been inspired by your story and by your words. We've been inspired to never give up on the dream that just won't die. The world of story that you've invited us into with your novels has been amazing. The Circle impacted my life. The community I've found has been such a blessing. Searching for a book amongst some of my favorite fictional characters brought me the greatest friends. People I never would have met otherwise. Friends who mean the world to me. So thank you, Ted, for what you do.
-Megan/Meg/the quiet one of EC or "that group"
Happy Birthday Warden - Hope you're blessed with exactly what you need & Thanks for The Ragged Edge - It was exactly what I needed.
-Stephanie Karfelt
And then she linked to this image. O_o
Happy 49th Birthday, Ted!. You are such an inspiration to all of us. The stories you create in that imaginative (and slightly insane (; ) mind continue to keep us all wanting more!.
For me personally, your stories changed me forever!. I will never ever forget the things I was taught while reading your stories!. Thank you for showing me how to be Mortal and what it means to be Mortal. Thank you for showing me how to love like the Circle!. And thank you a thousand times over for showing me that I would risk my entire life to save the one I love, just like Toma...All I have to say is THANK YOU TED, FOR EVERYTHING!. :)
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday with your beautiful wife, LeeAnn and all of your amazing children!.

-Mike Zaremba
Happy Birthday, Warden! Happiest of birthdays to Ted Dekker today as he turns 49 :) Thank you for how passionate you've been for writing, for your fans, and for Christ. It has motivated me to dive deeper over the ragged edge, to live on the edge for God. I'm so thankful and incredibly blessed to have met you. Been praying your day was fantastic and that it was everything you could hope for it to be. Love you, Ted!!
-Emily Dukes
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH TO MY FAVORITE AUTHOR, THE WONDERFUL MR. TED DEKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Ted, hope your Birthday is full of fantastic things for you today!! Your books are as phenomenal as you are!!!
May you always have LOVE as described in your books, live LIFE as you were meant to do, and find HAPPINESS in everyone and everything around you!!! DIVE DEEP! & FEEL (new saying just for you!!) We ALL love you out here, never stop writing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Mortal (to be released on my birthday!) and Soveriegn to get here!!!!

-Michelle Carter
Happy Birthday! You are my second favorite author (first being God :)), thankyou for diving deep. After reading one of your books I surrendered my life to Christ. Thankyou again for all you have done and do.
-Eli Johnson
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TED!!! You are my very favorite author, and have influenced and changed my life countless times through your books. The Circle Series helped me discover Elyon in a way I never had before, and for that I am truly grateful. And out of The Priest's Graveyard rose the amazing group- Authors for Elyon. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
You are an awesome person, too! I met you at the Chicago gathering in the spring, and you gave excellent advice for my writing. :) Happy Birthday, and keep doing what you do.

Elyon's Love,
Gavin Pierce

I will add my thanks and best wishes to all those here. I hope you had a very blessed and fun filled day. Thank you for enriching my life with your wonderfully woven stories and for being a reflection of God who has written the greatest story of all. Your stories have given me something that I can connect with my son about and for that and everything else I am truly grateful. Happy Birthday, Ted!
-Lena Morgan
I just wanted to wish you a very wonderful birthday with your family. You have given so much of yourself in your writing and I personally can't thank you enough for opening my eyes in so many areas. God has used you and I trust will continue to do so. Thank you for be willing to be used of Him, and I pray that He will bless you richly! Love in Christ! =)
-Cheri Schueller
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
-Hannah Travis
Happy Birthday Ted, thank you for all you do. And thank you for giving the Ragged Blue Monkeys inspiration. Thank you for being the Warden and reminding me to bleed on the page. Thank you for being Raw and reminding me why I became a writer.
-Ed Keelan
Happy 50th B-Day! Ted! Your my age now!
-Colleen and Bill Rollins (apparently slightly misinformed about your age :P)
Happy Birthday sir! A new generation in my house has fallen in love with Dekker. My 13 year old is reading everything he can get his hand on.
-Beth Sturdon
Happy Birthday Ted! Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration to a guy who started down this writing path later in life - here's to your 27+ novels and going in what about 10-12 years...that's awesome. Hope I can get to that pace as well but at least after the Ragged Edge I will always write whether it ever gets published - it is who I am. For that life changing weekend I am eternally grateful to you! Enjoy your day and this year...
-Brian K. Perry
Happy Birthday, Ted! Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us through your stories.
-Lynnell Koehler (also apparently forgot she'd already left a message)
Dear Mr. Dekker,
First of all, happy birthday! Second of all, thank you! God has worked miraculous things in my life through your amazing stories. You inspire me in my own writing, as well as in my walk with God. I picked up Showdown at random off of a book store shelf, having no idea what an impact it would have on me. It has not all been easy, but I would not trade the lessons you have helped me learn for the world! I hope that I can meet you someday, but I know it doesn’t really matter, because we’ll see each other for sure in Heaven. Happy birthday, once again, and I pray for many more to follow!
Your fan and fellow Elyonite,
Adam Bolander

Happy birthday!! Thank you so much for telling me that I'm a writer! I hope it was a wonderful!!
-Hannah Lee
Happy Womb Liberation Day, Ted!
-Cody Hopkins
Happy birthday, and God Bless! Dive deep!
-Tony Lockhart
Happy Birthday, Ted!!!!
-Rick Balmer
Happy Birthday Ted.
best wishes all the way from guatemala. :)

-Jacqueline Ramirez
Thrillers, aye, I blame him for those—keepin me up til two, he does.
Evocative, yes, you can't but get yer heart n' mind yanked readin him.
Dedicated, O, he had that at Thr3e.

Dynamic, well, ya might do better replacin with "Dynamite."
Euphoric, ha, a fittin word for a man who cuts all the boring . . . stuff
K I E S (short for "Blue Monkeys")
K I E S (because we're right in the middle of "DEKKER")
Escape, most definitely, for I be lost ever since findin him
Rockstar, humph, put Mr. Dekker on stage and he out rock em all!

-Caleb Jennings Breakey
Happy Birthday, Ted! This is a happy day for all of, for I don't know where we'd be without your books! They have opened hearts and eyes around the world and we love you for it! I hope you have an AMAZING day!
-Kaitlyn Krone
(The next three thought they were too late, but weren't.)
Happy Birthday, Ted! I know it was late, but I hope you had a grand one! (:
-Levi Crawford
Oops, missed your birthday yesterday! I thought it was today! Hope it was a happy one! Mine was the 14th and my sons the 21st.
-Ashley Wyatt
Happy late birthday!! I didn't have internet yesterday to tell you then! Thanks for writing beautiful and amazing stories!!
-Sarah Lawrence

Rachel Andrews sends her birthday regards with the apology that she didn't have time to write anything up.

Many others have still been unable to participate, Ted, so later we may create a part 2. I know it's a lot to read, but you've got to have some free time! But in case that never happens, everyone else wishes you a happy birthday as well!

Happy Birthday, Ted. We all love you!

Dear Mr. Ted Dekker,

Happy Birthday! Man, we go way back. At least a few months (heheh). When I think back to the first book I ever read by you, and then what I was reading before that, I realize how much reading your novels have changed my life. Not necessarily the content in the novels-- though that may have had a part as well-- but the fact that I wouldn't be reading the things I do now if I'd never taken my brother's advice and picked up one of your novels. Now that I'm a writer, I'm hoping to finish a book and get published within, say, the next ten years (so in other words, a far off hope), and if or when I do, I'd love to chat with you over dinner sometime. You might reject the idea, but ten years is a long time, man.

Anyway, Ted, thanks for just being who you are. I don't always agree with your opinions and such, but I'm glad you are you. Everyone's unique, though some more than others. I do happen to find those more unique people far more interesting, anyway. ;)

-Reuben Horst


So now you're 49, eh? That means next year you'll turn 50. I won't give anything away, but I'll tell you we're already planning what we'll be doing then. :)

Reuben Horst
Representing Authors for Elyon, Ragged Blue Monkeys, various members of Elyon's Circle and The Circle, and just miscellaneous Ted Dekker fans!